5 comments on “An Open Letter to Julia Gillard

  1. Beautifully put, Brett, but I fear a waste of time.

    For Abbott, the Pope trumps Hillary Clinton, and Catholic doctrine will always be more important than human rights.

    And Gillard, who claims to uphold “tradition” by herself living in sin with a divorcee, has proven to be impermeable to logic and consistency.

  2. This is an amazing letter.

    Gillard should most definitely feel embarrassed by her stance, and not only because she is denying basic human rights, but because she is being the worst kind of hypocrite. Touting a belief and moral structure as being her reasoning behind not being able to do the right thing, morals and beliefs that she has no real faith or belief in.

  3. But gays can marry.

    Little fact you’ve overlooked…gays have the same marriage rights as straight people.

    Saying it’s a question of human rights is a disservice to those people suffering human rights violations.

    Your real argument is that you want to change tradition to suite your cause.

    • Well thankyou tom. Your argument could have been applied in the past to inter-racial marriage laws: blacks can marry blacks and whites can marry whites… its fair for everyone! Yours is a puerile view that shirks the real issue that marriage in our society, today, is about loving committed relationships and about a million people in Australia are not allowed to marry the person that they love and commit to.

      And marriage IS a human right. Its in the United Nations declaration.

      Untraditional? maybe. But i think tradition is a fairly weak argument for upholding discrimination.

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